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Industry leaders in Risk Management & Lifeguard Training

Ellis & Associates is the industry leader when it comes to aquatic safety and risk management, with its core focused on Lifeguard Training. With a reputation as the number one provider of innovative, cutting-edge training since it’s introduction in 1983, E&A’s Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ (CARMP™) is recognized around the world as the premier risk management program available. We also offer a customized solution, allowing Clients to tailor their risk prevention strategies to their individual needs, the Customized Risk Prevention Program™ is perhaps the most universally accessible consulting service available to Aquatic Facility Owners/Operators anywhere in the world. Learn more about both services below.

Lifeguard management service

The Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ (CARMP™)

The CARMP™ is Ellis & Associates’ flagship program, providing full-service aquatic safety and risk management consultation that goes well beyond simple “lifeguard training”. The Comprehensive Programs unique services, extensive Program Standards Accountability-based Auditing program, and 24-hour a day, year-round access to operational resources and industry experts gives facility Owner/Operators all the tools necessary to be successful. It is a complete, multifaceted aquatic safety guidance program.

International Lifeguard Training Program™ (ILTP®)

International Lifeguard Training Program™ (ILTP®)

Our proactive & professional approach to preventive lifeguarding has established new “Standards of Care” for the industry. ILTP® is a unique, comprehensive lifeguard training program; the content includes Health Care Provider level CPR, AED training, Emergency Oxygen Administration training, and First Aid, along with state-of–the-art rescue techniques.

Customized Risk Prevention Program™

Customized Risk Prevention Program™

The Customized Risk Prevention Program™ is the latest of these program offerings and combines the foundational accountability of Lifeguard Licensure with performance-based Audits, and baseline Risk Prevention services, while allowing Clients the opportunity to assess their own, individual operational risks and choose right-fit options from our highly effective “best practices” and “program standards,” to meet their aquatic safety needs.

ILTP® Training Centers

ILTP® Training Centers

Becoming an ILTP® Training Center entitles aquatic facility Owner/Operators to have select members of their team participate in official ILTP® Lifeguard Instructor training courses. These courses provide the critical Lifeguard Instructor training and mandatory Licensing necessary for them to then be able to conduct their own authorized ILTP® Lifeguard courses and/or E&A Safety & Health courses, on-site and as needed, and without participation in the risk management services mentioned above; affording Owners/Operators the ability to integrate ILTP® trained Lifeguards into their facilities existing operational practices.

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