E&A has Marked More FIRST and ONLY Moments Than Any Other Aquatic Service Provider in the World

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The E&A Advantage

With unprecedented experience in the fields of risk management and aquatics, the E&A team identifies issues surrounding aquatic safety and continually creates new, safety driven programs geared toward accident prevention and accountability.

E&A has marked more "first and only" moments than any other aquatic service provider in the world. E&A’s innovation, standards of excellence and dedication to safety continue to elevate swimmer safety around the world.

More Aquatics Industry Professionals, in More Countries, Delivering More Training, in More Languages Than Any Other Aquatics Safety & Risk Management Firm in the World

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The FIRST Aquatic Service Provider to:

  • Develop and facilitate use of rescue tube to execute all in-water aquatic rescues
  • Provide professional aquatic accident investigation and litigation support
  • Develop the 10/20 Second Protection Standard and 10/3 Minute Protection Standard now recognized worldwide as an industry standard of care
  • Develop a shallow water lifeguard training program
  • Introduce in-water rescue breathing technology
  • Develop and implement Supplemental Emergency Oxygen Support training with the introduction of the Bag Valve Mask and Non-Rebreathers into lifeguard curriculum
  • Create a comprehensive lifeguard training program combining first aid, health care provider CPR, oxygen administration, AED, and lifeguarding skills into one curriculum
  • Provide clients with a comprehensive accident/rescue reporting system
  • Develop a paperless training administration and tracking system using a client only secure website
  • Create and implement electronic training credentials for lifeguard training and other courses
  • Establish International Audit Awards benchmarking aquatic safety excellence via unannounced audits
  • Achieve Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) certification for lifeguard supervisor training
Lifeguard receiving golden guard award

The ONLY Aquatic Service Provider to:

  • Offer an integrated International Lifeguard Training Program and Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™
  • Provide an effective, measurable, enforceable lifeguard accountability program
  • Implement and include supplemental emergency oxygen support technology into lifeguard training curriculum
  • Provide effective care protocols and systems to facilitate a two-minute AED and one-minute emergency oxygen operating standard
  • Create and develop the Zone Validation™ system which included the concepts of Zone of Protection™ and Zone Coverage™
  • Provide Zone of Protection® and Zone Validation® documentation programs to meet Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) requirements
  • Develop Vigilance Awareness Training® (VAT®)
  • Develop, with partnership through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), autism training and certification for lifeguards
  • Establish elite Golden Guard safety award achieved by fewer than 1% of all lifeguards worldwide
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