To recognize and motivate an exceptional individual who is likely to become a future leader in the Aquatic Recreation/Amusement Industry.  This is offered in the memory and the spirit of Chris Stuart, who was known as both a mentor and advocate for such individuals and is dearly missed by all.
The Chris Stuart Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a qualified individual, to be used to cover 100% of the tuition expense of the 2020 Ron Rhinehart International Aquatic Safety School AND the cost of the winner's hotel accommodations at the Arizona Grand Hotel. Nominations are made for qualified individuals by their supervisor(s). Supervisors nominate an employee by video submission. 

While the submitted video does not require anything more than recorded explanations of qualifications, we encourage each nominator and nominee to be creative. The Stuart family will review submissions and communicate their choice to E&A staff. Please have your video submission available for E&A staff to access no later than December 10, 2019.

If you are unable to make a video submission, E&A will accept a written submission, emailed to the email address indicated below. All written submissions must be in Word or PDF and contain all the elements indicated in the criteria. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Luke by email at

Specific Criteria:
The video must include the candidates:
  • Full Name of Nominee
  • Organization/Facility at which the nominee is currently employed
  • Position of the nominee at the facility
  • Supervisor name
  • Supervisor’s position at the facility
  • The video should highlight the following items, to be completed by the nominating supervisor:
  1. Why are you nominating this person?
  2. What it will mean to your facility if this person is able to attend IASS?
  3. What it will mean to the nominee if they were able to attend IASS?
  4. What makes this nominee exceptional?
  5. The video should also include a brief recording of the nominee explaining why he or she should receive this scholarship and how it will help his/her facility (if written, a paragraph by the nominee covering this information)

Testimonials regarding the candidate - not required but are allowed from the following individuals:

  • Supervisor (someone other than the nominator)
  • Parent
  • Teacher/Trainer
  • Religious leader
  • Community leader
  • Fellow employees
  • Friends, Neighbors, Relatives

Video submissions should be no longer than 8 minutes (6 minutes or less is recommended).
Once your video is complete, please upload it to a video hosting website or cloud service and email the link to the video (along with contact information) to Luke Martinez at and Jennifer Barber at All videos must be completed by December 10, 2019 to be considered.

Examples of free video hosting websites or cloud services:

The Stuart Family will make their determination on or before December 20, 2019.  We will communicate with the winner and assist in making arrangements.