Safely Train Your Lifeguards and Open Your Aquatic Facility in 2021

E&A lifeguard training guidance during COVID-19
Safely Train Your Lifeguards and Open Your Aquatic Facility in 2021

When Safety Matters Most

When the coronavirus struck in 2020, was your lifeguard training or aquatic safety partner there for you? Did your day-to-day contact reach out to let you know that you were not alone in your search for guidance on how to safely suspend operations, maintain your facility during prolonged closure, create a re-opening plan, train your staff, protect your staff, and keep guests safe? Did you have access to interpretive guidance on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and World Health Organization (WHO) directives? Access to research and reports from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), World Waterpark Association (WWA) and  National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)? Was a veteran aquatics operations professional there to help sort through state and local guidelines and review your facility plan?

In 2020, the Ellis and Associates (E&A) family did what they have been doing since 1983. Collecting and assessing scores of research, reports, and best practices from around the world; enlisting top operators, educators, researchers and trainers including clients, professionals and consultants; classifying and sharing leading-edge information with clients and the global aquatics industry. Sample opening plans, guidance for receiving approval to train or open, streamlined lifeguard training modules, new videos and tutorials, distance learning tools and custom advice were at the fingertips of every E&A client.

This year, E&A’s expansive network is continuing the critical work of helping aquatic facilities remain and/or prepare to safely open. More than ever, the standard of care we provide to our staff is just as important as the care we provide to our guests. We must protect each and every individual with guidelines that prevent the spread of viruses directly, and through our equipment and procedures. E&A clients have access to a full library of carefully edited resources that demonstrate how to adapt to COVID-19 standards. Something that the Red Cross and other lifeguard companies simply don’t have the resources to do.

If you need help recruiting lifeguards, training lifeguards, and maintaining your lifeguard staff, please don’t hesitate to reach out to E&A. Our programs include lifeguard instructor training that leads to establishing your own certified lifeguards or lifeguards for your community, and even covers safety and health training. When safety matters most, you can trust E&A.