2019 The Hunter Goold Memorial Scholarship

The Hunter Goold Memorial Scholarship was first awarded to Christina Brisbin in 2012 and has been awarded to a qualified individual each year since.  The $1500.00 scholarship covers 100% of the tuition expense of the Ron Rhinehart International Aquatic Safety School®.

FOR 2019 – E&A will offer an additional $1,000.00 (to be applied toward the recipient’s hotel lodging accommodations at the Arizona Grand) for the winner of this scholarship, bringing the total value of the scholarship to $2500.00!  If you have ever considered applying but were hesitant because of the hotel expense, now may be the perfect time!

As in past years, we are asking that each interested candidate submit a short video.  This video should that provide an overview of the qualifications of the individual asking for consideration.  The video may also include any supporting testimonials or evidence of service (all on the video).

While the submitted video does not require anything more than recorded explanations of qualifications, we encourage each candidate to be creative.  The Goold family will review submissions and communicate their choice to E&A staff.  Please have your video submission available for E&A staff to access no later than November 30, 2018.

Specific Criteria:

The video must include the candidates:

  • Full Name
  • Organization/Facility
  • Position at the facility

The video should highlight the following, where applicable (note that these items are not absolute requirements to win – the Goold Family wants to pick the worthiest submission and having any of these items may make you stand out:

  • History of community involvement or volunteer work
  • Past, current, or future ambition for service in the Military, by the candidate
  • Past or current service in the Military of someone related to the candidate
  • Organizational involvement awards (such as an Eagle Scout or Gold Award)
  • Community Service awards or recognition
  • Leadership roles the candidate currently holds or has held in the past (this could be at the aquatic facility, in the community, at your religious institution, etc.)
  • Any other helpful information.

Testimonials regarding the candidate (optional):

  • Supervisor
  • Parent
  • Teacher/Trainer
  • Religious leader
  • Community leader
  • Fellow employees
  • Friends, Neighbors, Relatives

Videos should be no longer than 8 minutes (6 minutes or less is recommended).

Once your video is complete, please upload it to a video hosting website or cloud service and email the link to the video (along with contact information) to Luke Martinez at luke.martinez@jellis.com.  Again, all videos must be completed by November 30, 2018 to be considered.  Links to services you may wish to use are provided below.  Good Luck!


  • Youtube
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Other…

If you are unable to make a video submission, E&A will accept a written submission, emailed to luke.martinez@jellis.com. All written submissions must be in Word or PDF and contain all the elements indicated in the above video criteria. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Luke by phone at 407-401-7129.

About Hunter Blackstone Goold:

Hunter grew up in Sacramento, CA and was the only son in a family of five children. With four sisters, Hunter knew that being the funny one kept everyone happy. With his blonde hair and great big smile his charm and whit could win anyone over.  Hunter’s passion for life in the face of personal trials was an inspiration to anyone who met him.

Hunter enjoyed playing sports such as soccer, basketball and football. When he was 13 years old he was hit in the head at a basketball game.  After that accident Hunter frequently suffered from severe seizures that made his teenage years anything but normal. He was unable to get a driver’s license, play sports or attend high school. However, even with all of his restrictions, Hunter continued to be a light in his family, to his friends and the community. He would spend much of his days at home with his mom, working with his dad in the yard or helping neighbors with projects.  His relationship with his sisters stayed strong as he surpassed them all in height and became the “BIG” protective brother. He got his high school diploma in 2009 through a home and hospital program. Hunter continued to challenge himself and anyone he interacted with to live life to its fullest. His passion for each day was an insight into Hunter realizing that each new day was a blessing. 

Hunter received his Eagle Scout award after developing and shipping hundreds of “care” packages for military men and women serving in the various wars. Hunter loved the military and wanted to someday serve. He had a large number of friends who were in the military and he was impressed with their love for freedom. Hunter was passionate about making sure that those around him were comfortable and would always include those on the outside of a group. He loved to serve his elders and would frequently, and secretly, leave his house to go mow a lawn, trim bushes or clean a pool of the elderly in the area. 

Hunter loved to build things and became quite accomplished at custom fabrication. He was excited about restoring his 1973 Chevy Nova Hatchback. Hunter’s youngest sister is continuing that dream and hopes to one day have the car “just the way Hunter wanted it”

Hunter Blackstone Goold passed away on June 23rd, 2010 from a drowning accident after he had a seizure.