E&A Lifetime Achievement Awards

The criteria for the award:

  • The qualified aquatics professional is from the private or public sector with an excellent international reputation in the industry, along with an extensive background and experience in aquatics, entertainment, and/or recreation
  • The qualified aquatics professional operates facilities that consistently maintain high aquatic safety and risk management standards, as is evidenced through consistently meeting or exceeding such standards during unannounced aquatic safety audits conducted by Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc.
  • The qualified aquatics professional is a noted advocate for aquatic safety in his or her community and/or region
  • The qualified aquatics professional has a record of actively assisting other aquatics professionals and aquatics facilities in maintaining high safety standards through instruction and mentoring

Nomination and selection:

  • Nominations come from various industry leaders from around the United States and other countries. These individuals represent both private and public organizations, including private waterparks, park & recreation departments, and similar organizations.
  • From the qualified individuals nominated, the nominating group deliberates the merits of each nominee until one aquatics professional is selected to be given the award for that year.

The “Lifetime Achievement Award” presented by Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc. is for the lifetime accomplishments of an outstanding aquatics professional. The award is presented annually at the Ron Rhinehart International Aquatic Safety School in Phoenix, Arizona.